Generate a passive online income with SMX Academy - Social media course for influencers

Earn commission based on the volume of new clients referred. Alternatively, attend the academy yourself and develop an additional skillset to better yourself.

Nov 23, 2022

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Passive Income | Generate Additional Online Money with Partner Program from IM Mastery Academy - SMX Social Media academy - Online Social Media education.

Strengthen your skills by investing in additional skillsets and join a professional SMX academy to become an influencer. Also share this Social Media academy with your friends and acquaintances to increase their knowledge and skills as well.

There are two ways to generate revenue:

1. By taking the course and using your social media channels, you can maximize referral, affiliate or network marketing and make money.

If you want to learn how to build an effective online presence and create authentic and compelling content to expand your reach, stay relevant and engage your audience, the social media academy is the right place for you. You will learn how to tell a story that generates excitement, connection, emotion, excitement and engagement. You will also learn how to use social channels to their fullest potential so that every post, video and photo counts in building your brand with a higher level of engagement. The SMX social media academy offers classes from the best major influencers with proven results that will amaze you. Imagine how great it would be to create great content that helps build your brand.

Welcome to the social media academy!


2. You can promote this SMX social media academy and earn a passive income based on volume.

You can think of this as a collection of the projects and activities of an insurance broker who is also involved in network marketing. In this role, you act as a coach and offer support to the students you have hired into the community. You will guide them to achieve their goals and help them develop in their careers as influencers. This can be a great way to share your own skills and knowledge with others, while also expanding your own portfolio and network.

Earnings model:

  • If you bring 2 students/clients, you will receive the course for free (33% discount). If you bring 3 students/clients, you will receive €150 monthly. If you bring in 12 students/clients, you will receive €600 monthly. And if you bring in 30 students/clients, you will receive €1000 monthly.
  • ....
  • If you are an influencer with more than 50k followers, Please contact us....

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  • Subscriptions must be active
  • To become an Independent Business Owner, you must take out the IBO package for €24.95 per month.

Start earning a passive income with the IBO program from IM Mastery Academy

To become IBO and/or start SMX Academy, follow these steps:

  • Find out exactly what IBO and SMX academy exactly are and what their goals are. This will help you determine if this is something you want to do.
  • Create a business plan to determine what you want to accomplish with IBO and/or SMX academy. This will help you determine what kind of training programs you want to offer, what audience you want to reach and how you will fund it.
  • Click on link passive income.
  • You order a subscription ( IBO (if you want to self-distribute ) and/or SMX Social Media (single course) or IMpowered (here you can subscribe yourself to 2 courses at once at a reduced rate )
  • There is a 7-day money back guarantee on every course.
  • The course automatically renews each month unless you cancel it before the renewal date.
  • We encourage you to be sure to contact us to get the most out of the academy and the global community.
  • You can find your mentor's information in the back office under "upline IBO" or by contacting me through my social media.
  • We will contact you after registration.