Generate a passive online income with Spotify Webshop

You get a fixed commission for all referred merchants who subscribe at full price. There is no limit on the number of merchants you can refer - we want you to earn as much commission as possible.

Nov 23, 2022

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Passive income | Generate additional online money with the partner program of

Create new entrepreneurs.
Earn more than just commissions.

Grow your business with Shopify, gain access to exclusive opportunities and earn a commission through our referral program. Become a Shopify Affiliate.

Join thousands of affiliates from around the world

Content creators, course providers, influencers and review sites help their followers start successful businesses on Shopify. At the same time, they earn attractive referral commissions themselves and build authority as leaders in the industry.

What is the Shopify Affiliate program?

Shopify's affiliate program is designed for merchants, course providers, influencers and content creators to inspire their audiences and learn all about entrepreneurship with Shopify. You can join the program for free, generate revenue through your audience and earn commissions for every merchant you refer to Shopify.

What requirements must I meet to apply?

To apply, you must:

Owning an active website
Have an established audience
Create original content, such as online courses, seminars, blog posts or videos
Have experience with Shopify or other e-commerce platforms
Have read and accepted the Shopify partner program agreement

How are Shopify referrals tracked?

After you are accepted into the Shopify Affiliate Program, you get access to our affiliate software, which is managed by a third party. There you can create and manage referral links. When you inform your audience about Shopify, always include your referral links. We track cookies for 30 days.