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Nov 19, 2022

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Passive income | Generate additional online money with IM Mastery Academy 's partner program - SFX Academy - Online Stock trading academy

Invest in yourself by taking a professional course in Stock trading or share this SFX academy with your friends and acquaintances.

There are two ways to generate income online:

1. Follow the SFX academy - Online Stocks / Shares trading academy - IM Mastery Academy and learn to invest in this interesting financial market.

At SFX academy, you will learn how to trade in the stock market. This includes buying and selling individual stocks and ETFs, which are traded on the stock market.

You will also learn about the futures markets, where you can trade futures contracts. If you are just getting started with futures, it is recommended that you start with the Microfutures contracts, which carry less risk than the mini or full contracts. At SFX Academy, you get analyses of stock index futures, gold, silver, crude oil, currencies and much more. You can even trade futures of products such as soybeans and wheat.

What are the benefits of SFX?

At SFX academy, you will learn different ways to approach the markets, including the Fibonacci time and price analysis used by Chris Terry. You will learn how to analyze the price movements on each chart to make important buying and selling decisions. You will also learn how to analyze time movements in the market, which can be useful in timing entries and exits. In short, SFX academy offers many benefits for learning different ways of approaching the markets and making sound investment decisions.

What is Stock trading anyway?

The stock market is the part of the capital market where shares are bought and sold. This includes both regulated stock exchanges and less regulated stock markets. Examples of European stock exchanges where shares are traded include the London Stock Exchange, the Deutsche Börse and the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Equity market participants can be individual stock traders or hedge fund dealers from around the world. There may also be a physical or virtual marketplace. Some stock exchanges are in a physical location, a method known as open outcry or parquet trading. In other cases, and especially free markets, trading today is done by computer. The principle in all cases is the same as in an auction: shares are bid on with the goal of making the transaction as quick as possible (except for at-market buying or selling). The New York Stock Exchange is an example of a physical stock exchange, while the NASDAQ is a virtual exchange that otherwise operates much the same way. The Paris Stock Exchange (part of Euronext since 2000) took the form of a parquet trade before the introduction of the CATS trading system in 1986. Since then, this stock exchange has become almost entirely virtual. Prices of stocks and other assets are an important indicator of a country's economic activity and thus its economic growth. Therefore, central banks continuously monitor these prices.


2. You can also start promoting this " SFX Academy - Online Stock trading academy" and generate a passive income based on volume.

You could look at this as an insurance broker's portfolio. You and the community guide and support you applied students.

Earnings model:

  • If you bring 2 students/clients, you will receive the course for free (33% discount). If you bring 3 students/clients, you will receive €150 monthly. If you bring in 12 students/clients, you will receive €600 monthly. And if you bring in 30 students/clients, you will receive €1000 monthly.
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  • If you are an influencer with more than 50k followers, Please contact us....

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  • To become an Independent Business Owner, you must take out the IBO package for €24.95 per month.

Start earning a passive income with the IBO program from IM Mastery Academy

To become IBO and/or start SFX Academy, follow these steps:

  • Find out exactly what IBO and SFX Academy exactly and what their goals are. This will help you determine if this is something you want to do.
  • Create a business plan to determine what you want to accomplish with IBO and/or SFX Academy. This will help you determine what kind of training programs you want to offer, what audience you want to reach and how you will fund it.
  • Click on link passive income.
  • You order a subscription ( IBO (if you want to self-distribute ) and/or SFX academy (single course) or IMpowered (here you can subscribe yourself to 2 courses at the same time at a reduced rate )
  • There is a 7-day money back guarantee on every course.
  • The course automatically renews each month unless you cancel it before the renewal date.
  • We encourage you to be sure to contact us to get the most out of the academy and the global community.
  • You can find your mentor's information in the back office under "upline IBO" or by contacting me through my social media.
  • We will contact you after registration.