Generate a passive online income with COIN STAKING or deposit at interest

Nov 19, 2022

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What is Crypto strike anyway?

Many cryptocurrency investors have probably heard of staking, but what exactly does it entail? While it may seem somewhat complicated, staking your cryptocurrencies is often easy and in many cases can provide a nice side income.

Staking basically means that investors lock cryptocurrencies into a particular contract or on an exchange, and receive periodic rewards for doing so. Not all cryptocurrencies can be used for staking. Only cryptocurrency projects that work with the proof-of-stake consensus model can be staked in exchange for returns. Fortunately, there are many cryptocurrencies today that are suitable for this purpose.

Staking can thus be seen as the crypto equivalent of putting money into a savings account. The difference is that when you deposit money into a savings account, the bank pays it out to others and shares the interest with you. When you deploy your crypto for strike, you lock in your digital assets to contribute to the security of a blockchain network and receive rewards for doing so.

Most major cryptocurrency exchanges allow users to strike their cryptocurrencies on the platform, but there are also external options. For example, users can join a strike pool and with most proof-of-stake networks it is even possible to become a validator of the network, although this is usually only available to large investors.